First Stakeholder Workshop in Prague

The first Stakeholder Workshop of MALORCA took place on April 12th at the facilities of the Czech air navigation service provider ANS CR. Different topics of the project (Workshop Agenda) have been presented during the workshop:

P0 (Slides) – This presentation shows the view of the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU)

P1 (Slides) – The presentation gives the overview of the whole project and covers also the work done in the previous projects

P2 (Slides) – The presentation shows the motivation of ANSPs for the project, introduces the work that was done by ANS CR and ACG (Operational Concept, System Requirements Specification) and outlines the applicability area.

P3 (Slides) – The presentation describes the process of machine learning mechanism and presents already some preliminary results.

P4 (Slides) – The presentation describes the demonstration platform that was available during the workshop.

P5 (Slides) – The presentation introduces 4 different topics that were discussed during the afternoon session and summaries the results from each working group.

The workshop was of great interest for various organizations, which resulted in a total number of 58 participants from 26 different organizations (List of participating organizations)