This page describes and contains all publicly available deliverables that are part of the Horizon 2020 funded project MALORCA:

D1-1-OCD – This document focuses on possible implementation of speech recognition systems in air traffic control environment with special emphasis on Vienna and Prague needs. The Operational Concept Document (OCD) including the use cases was the input for the requirements document D1‐2.

D1-2-SRS – This document collects and describes the general technical requirements of a controller support tool, based on speech recognition in ATM environment. Only a subset of these requirements was addressed by the MALORCA project.

D5-2-GapAnalysisReport – This document first presents the outcomes of the four MALORCA Proof-of-Concept activities (two technical (T1, T2) and two operational (O1, O2)) and shows the controller’s feedback in the debriefing sessions afterwards. Finally this document analyses the results with respect to gaps and further challenges.

Proof-of-Concept activities (short description):

  • T1 – a workshop with technical experts to evaluate the ABSR prototype implementation.
  • T2 – an offline evaluation to quantify the improvements of the Assistant Based Speech Recognizer (ABSR system) with respect to the amount of available training data.
  • O1 – involves controllers who concentrate only on the different outputs of a baseline ABSR system and a trained system.
  • O2 – puts the trained ABSR system in a simulation environment with a replay of historic radar data and controller voice recordings from real Prague and Vienna. ABSR is used here to support the controllers in maintaining radar labels.

D5-3-FinalProjectResultsReport – This document gives an overview over the whole MALORCA project including the scope, the different objectives and the key results of the project. The document also links MALORCA to other projects from the SESAR Program and shows what the possible next steps for future projects could be.

D6-2-StakeholderWorkshopReport – The MALORCA project included two stakeholder workshops. The workshops consisted of presentation to the stakeholders and more important different and parallel working groups with a limited number of participants focused on different topics. This document summarizes the outputs of these working groups of both MALORCA stakeholder workshops.