Second Stakeholder Workshop in Vienna

The second Stakeholder Workshop of MALORCA took place on February 20th and 21st at the Air Traffic Control Centre in Vienna. Different topics of the project (Workshop Agenda) have been presented during the workshop:

Project Overview (Slides) – The presentation gives an overview of MALORCA project and its partners. The different roadmaps of Automatic Speech Recognition on the one hand and
Machine Learning on the other hand are presented.

Components of ABSR (Slides) – The presentation presents the different components, which are needed to train an Assistant Based Speech Recognition System with Machine Learning.

Proof of Concept Trials (Slides) – The presentation gives an overview of the setup and the results from the Proof-of-concept trials in Prague and Vienna.

Gap Analysis (Slides) – The presentation provides a gap analyses and describes the next challenges.

Transfer to new Airports (Slides) – The presentation outlines which steps are needed to adapt ABSR to a new airport with the support of machine learning and without.

MALORCA and PJ16-04 (Slides) – The presentation focuses on speech recognition activities of PJ.16‐04 and outlines how MALORCA results have already influenced the speech recognition activity in PJ.16‐04.